I am a Minnesota native living in California.  I have spent most of my adult life in sales for both the medical device and aerospace industries.  However, my greatest passion & obsession is the stock markets.  My background is in economics (magna cum laude).

Unfortunately, I ventured into the trading world completely on my own in 2008 and completely destroyed my life savings during my first few years.  I realized I could not trust myself to manage risk and decided to automate my strategies--a 5-year process starting in 2015.   


I continued to trade the markets during this time with smaller size, all while automating and developing my strategies on evenings and weekends.  It took me a total of 13 years of sweat, tears, and sleepless nights to achieve consistent, long-term profitability!!  I am proud to say I accomplished this while battling a chronic illness.  

Automation freed me (in part) from the inevitable emotions that accompany winning and losing. It allowed me to focus on the best setups and take them with size and confidence knowing that I will follow my rules.  Innumerable trading failures have ironically led me to the best chance of long-term success.


For me, trading is a complete test of my mind, body, and spirit.  What I love is the mechanical process; the ever-evolving puzzle of extracting profits in various market conditions; and the psychological reflections each day brings.     

When I'm not trading, my biggest joys in life are my wonderful wife and two daughters; playing the piano & drums; and studying film & the arts.   


About Paix Trader

Me on a brief work break on the road at a past job.... in my T. Sykes... sedan.  Most I can afford to feign a lifestyle of trading riches!

Warning: Trading May be Hazardous to your Health and Wealth!

While this website is meant to inspire the community, I want to caution new traders on the risks of trading.  Becoming a consistently profitable trader is a long, arduous process just like any business venture.  Most professional traders have endured an enormous amount of pain and sacrifice.  Day trading may lead to severe anxiety and depression.  Your health, wealth, time, and family are all at risk!  Trading skills are generally not a resume builder.  Please carefully consider all of your interests, talents, and options before committing to this risky, competitive profession.       

If you are STILL determined to be a day trader after considering the risks, I hope I can help you to avoid some of the pitfalls and heartache I experienced throughout my 12 years.

My Trading Strengths and Weaknesses


(1 = strongest)

1. Independent idea generation + diverse strategies

2. Automated approach

3. Managing risk, hyper focus on minimizing drawdowns

4. Trading tickers others may not be watching

5. Emotional detachment from wins/losses (follow the process)

6. Price and volume reading skills

7. Strong psychology (ability to tune out greed and fear)


(1 = weakest)

1. Shutting down on a losing day

2. Adding to losers / averaging down 

3. Taking any loss!

4. Chasing/FOMO'd entry (Fear of Missing Out)

5. Sizing the same for all trades (not all setups are equal)

6. Tape reading skills

7. 10-Q reading (although not applicable to my style)

What are your strengths and weaknesses?  Leave your comments below!